9 piece Jazz Ambassadors faculty & student group set to travel to Misato, Japan
November 29 - December 7, 2016 in celebration of the 20 yr. anniversary of the sister city relationship between Misato & Winona, MN
JP & Eric Heukeshoven, directors


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Jamming with The Weathered Heads band 4/30/16 at Midwest Music Fest.
Winona, MN

"Dis 'N Dat" by John C. Paulson
John Paulson Big Band concert March 4, 2016 Sheldon Theatre Red Wing, MN

Video Montage: segments of JPBB set at Jazz Educators Network..National Convention January 2016 Louisville, KY produced by Brett Huus of Soundstrations

IMG 2711

JPBB on the road to JEN in Louisville 1/6/16

John C. Paulson 2016