JPBB Notes 

Based in Winona, MN, the 18 piece John Paulson Big Band was formed in 2012 with the assistance of a McKnight individual artists grant.  They perform original big band jazz composed and arranged by musical director John Paulson.   The music is an exciting mix of contemporary blues, latin, ballads, funk and swing featuring some of the best jazz soloists in the area.  These include players like Adam Meckler, the astounding young Twin Cities trumpeter composer and arranger, trombonist and recent DMA graduate from the U. of M., Scott Agster and guitarist Scott Gerry.  As a result of the McKnight grant and subsequent sold out concert at the Winona Art Center (see photo), their first CD & DVD “The John Paulson Big Band Project” was produced and all the arrangements are now available from Walrus Music/eJazzLines publishers in New York. 

Highlights of performances in 2016 include performing at the national Jazz Educators Network (JEN) convention in Louisville, KY and a concert at the Sheldon Theatre in Red Wing, MN - a two day Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council grant sponsored residency at Red Wing High School. 

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John Paulson Big Band
all CD selections composed & arranged
by John Paulson © 2012

Dr. John C. Paulson, director


Alto 1 Brian Koser (Austin, MN)
Alto 2 Richard Rohrbaugh (Rochester, MN)
Tenor 1 John Paulson (Winona, MN)
Tenor 2 Dave Townsend  (Rochester, MN)
Baritone  Ray Dretske (Winona, MN)


1.  Warren Bandel (Rochester, MN)
2.  Adam Meckler  (Twin Cities)
3.  Jerry Paulson  (Winona, MN)
4.  John Mundy (Wabasha, MN)  


1.  Scott Agster  (Twin Cities)
2.  John Sievers (Rochester, MN)
3.  Eric Heukeshoven (Winona, MN)
4.  Tom Nalli (Winona, MN)

Rhythm Section:

piano:  Larry Price (Winona, MN)
bass:  Eric Graham (Red Wing, MN)
guitar:  Mike James (La Crosse, WI)
drums:  Rich MacDonald  (Winona, MN)

JPBB Project CD/DVD Track Order & Notes:

1. “Blues For Erin”  (5:26)
(“Blues for Erin” CD 1994)  big band  arrangement 2011*
Solos:  John Paulson, tenor sax &   Scott Gerry, guitar

2. “Dis ‘N Dat” (3:57) Solos: Adam Meckler, trumpet; Larry Price, piano & Eric Heukehoven, trombone
(“Up Late” CD 1998) big band  arrangement 2011**
Solos: Adam Meckler, trumpet; Larry Price, piano & Eric Heukehoven, trombone

3. “Audible Allusion” (6:00)
1983 - big band  arrangement 1996*
Solos:  Brian Koser, alto sax; Adam Meckler, trumpet; Scott Gerry, guitar & Rich MacDonald, drums

4. “Song For D.”  (7:48)
1989 big band  arrangement 2013*
Solos: John Paulson, tenor sax & Larry Price, piano

5.  “Song For A Yellow Bird”  (4:40)
(“Way Out” CD 2006) big band  arrangement 2007***
Solos:  John Paulson, Bb flute; Mike James, guitar & Larry Price, piano

6. “Cloud Theory Medley”  (10:00)
“Cloud Theory” & “Café LeRenoir”  ”  (“Blues for Erin” CD 1994) 
“Sum Blues”  (“Mobley Street Blues” CD 2005)  big band arrangement 2013*
Solos: Brian Koser, alto sax; John Paulson, tenor sax; Adam Meckler, trumpet; Larry Price, piano;  Jerry Paulson, trumpet & John Sievers, trombone

7. “They Still Have A Pad Downtown” (3:52)|
(“Blues for Erin” CD 1994)  big band arrangement 1997***
Solos:  Dave Townsend, tenor sax; Jerry Paulson, trumpet & Dave Graf, trombone

8. “Four PM Blues” 1997  (5:08)
(“Up Late” CD 1999) big band  arrangement 2011**
Solos:  John Paulson, soprano sax; Larry Price, piano; Scott Agster, trombone & Adam Meckler, trumpet

 JP Sextet: recorded “live” at Century High School Rochester, MN January 2013 by Brett Huus- Sound Strations)

9.  “Late Winter Early Spring”  by Larry Price (7:03)
(JP Sextet- recorded “live at Century High School Jan. 2013)
Solos:  Adam Meckler, flugelhorn; John Paulson, Bb flute & Larry Price, piano

10.  “Slipstream”  by John Paulson (8:19)
Solos: Scott Agster, trombone; Adam Meckler, trumpet; Larry Price, piano & Rich MacDonald, drums 

(JPBB -DVD only)

11. “I Hear A Rhapsody” (5:45)
(“Blues for Erin” CD 1994) big band  arrangement 1997*
featuring Adam Meckler, flugelhorn

 12. “Drop Off Blues” (9:03)
1996 big band arrangement 2006*
Solos: John Paulson, tenor sax; Adam Meckler, trumpet; John Sievers, trombone & Scott Gerry, guitar 

*Recorded at Saint Mary’s Univeristy St. Yon’s Hall  May 26, 2013

Scott Gerry, guitar; Chip Schreader, 2nd alto sax: Mark Lakmann, 2nd trombone
Brett Huus, recording engineer  & Camdem Webster, assistant engineer

**Recorded “live” at the Winona Art Center November 17, 2012
Personnel listed above. Brett Huus, recording engineer  plus Camdem Webster,  Agustine Esterhammer-Fic and Andy Bauer, assistant engineers

***Recorded “live” at the Page Theatre Saint Mary’s U. February 14, 2013

Dave Graf, 1st trombone, Brett Huus, recording engineer plus  Camdem Webster, Josh Carlson &  Agustine Esterhammer-Fic, assistant engineers

Portions of this project were produced in cooperation with the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, Inc. through funding from the Minnesota State legislature and the McKnight Foundation.  Thanks to Brett Huus, engineer; Saint Mary’s U. Music Industry program; Eric Heukeshoven, graphic design; Deb Nahrgang & Bob Conover, photos & video; and the Winona Art Center. 


 © John C. Paulson 2016