JP & Dave Liebman at I.A.J.E. in New York

Dave Liebman, saxophonist & Miles Davis veteran

"You are a real warrior out there doing the music... my greatest respect."

Patrick Grace, General Manager- Saint Mary's U. Performance Center

"Original jazz charts with a strong bebop influence, the John Paulson Big Band rocked the house, making believers of young and old that a new era of jazz big bands was upon us."

Sheldon Theatre - audience comments from residency & JPBB concert

Thanks for providing such a great experience for our students & adults”
“Great concert w/ great musicians”

Dave Gudmastad, noted SE Minnesota music educator

"Wow! Give outstanding musicians some great material, and you end up with a fantastic concert! The frosting on the cake was the excellent venue with super sound. My highly subjective personal favorites were "Cloud Theory,”
“Waterplay,”and "Orlando.”

Paul Holland, Lake City, MN band director

"Having a guest conductor like John Paulson that is also a Jazz Artist made for a great day, kids got to live it, learn it, and hear it from a true Jazz Musician. Thanks for a phenomenal day of music and education"

" John Paulson just finished a 3 day residency in Lake City where he acted as teacher and performer working with over 140 students!! John's musicianship and knowledge of Jazz was well accepted and he absolutely shined on our Saturday night concert. I would highly recommend John for work with school groups of all ages. Thanks for becoming a part of our Lake City Jazz Family, we will remember you and your music fondly!”

Ryan Anderson, S.E. MN band director

"John Paulson was an excellent guest clinician and performer- approachable, professional and motivating for the students and director! I would recommend him to work with middle school age students on up. Thanks for a great clinic and performance with the Dover Eyota Jazzers!"

Carolyn Piehpo, Director of Development & Marketing-Seasons Hospice Rochester, MN

"The evening was a huge success on many levels and your combo was part of that. It was so wonderful walking into the ballroom and hearing your great jazz!"

John C. Paulson 2016